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Last Issue's Poll Results:

Do you think that spanking or slapping a toddler on the bottom is ever warranted?

No, hitting a child is always wrong. 56%

 Sometimes, if they do something dangerous like run in the street or try to touch the stove. 23%

Sometimes, when everything else I can think of doesn't work.15%

Yes, it is one of my major parenting tools. 6%

Spring 2001 Results:

Did you have your male infant circumsized?

yes - 29 votes - 55%
no - 24 votes - 45%

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Important Reminder! Please do not leave your baby unattended in a car. Many infants and young children die every year from heat stroke by being left in cars as their parents run errands. Make sure your little one isn't one of those that do! Read more...


Mary McCarthy: NFP;The Natural and Safe Alternative to Birth Control
Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about Natural Family Planning (NFP)? As more and more women realize the harmful side effects of the Pill, implants, and other barrier methods of birth control, they search for a more natural birth control option. NFP is exactly that and is gaining popularity as a safe, healthy, and highly effective (99%) method of birth control.

Pregnancy and Childbirth:

Maya I Richardson: Tips For Minimising Pain in Childbirth; Enjoying the Birth of Your Baby
A comprehensive llist of actions you can take to ensure that you have the birth experience you desire.

Beverly R. Meaux: Lamaze vs. Relaxation Birth
Like a flower blooming, I lay in the woods with tall, skinny trees all around me. The sun peaks through as the leaves slowly fall. I am giving birth.


Heike Boehnke-Sharp: Remember the Day that Opa Died...
When my father recently passed away, I was not only faced with death and that my father was now “gone” forever, but I was faced with explaining this fact to my three-and-a-half year old."

Dr. Clare Albright: The Top 10 Ways to Keep and Active Toddler Safe
Parents always say, "I just looked away for a minute" when serious accidents
happen to their toddlers. Safety First!

Victoria Barnes: Recipes for Homemade Diapering Supplies
Grocery store bought wipes and creams can get to be pretty expensive and they do not necessarily contain the best ingredients for your baby's sensitive skin. Find out how to make your own baby friendly diapering supplies.

Kelly Frahnauer: Dare to Raise Your Kids Drug-Free
We teach our children about drugs - what they are, not to take them, how to avoid them, how they harm their bodies and distort their minds - but what about the drugs we as parents give to our children when they have a runny nose, fever, sore throat or the scheduled immunizations? Is there really any difference?

Michelle Carelse: Computer Games; Are They Hurting Your Child?
Do you know how many hours your children spend playing computer games?


Susie Michelle Cortright: Learn to Love Your Body
"For moms, self-discipline is not just about sticking with something until it's done. It is the ability to stick with something, then pry yourself away. To stick again briefly, then release. It is about knowing when to hang in there, and when to surrender..."

House & Home:

Paula Eichermuller: Organise Your Child's Room
Are you constantly tripping over books, clothes, and toys in your childs room? When you ask them to clean their room, does everything get shoved under the bed? If the answer is yes then it is time to attack the clutter and get their room in order.

Rachel Paxton: Homemade Cleaning Supplies
Forcing bulbs is a method of bringing a spring bulb into flower before its' natural flowering season and out of its' natural surroundings. To force a hardy bulb into flowering indoors, we need to trick it by mimicking what would happen to it in its' natural surroundings.

Crafts & Activities

Brandi Valenzuela: Bubbles Galore!
Blowing bubbles is always a favourite Summertime activity. Experiment with these recipes for hours of fun results

After looking at the statistics from our poll on spanking, it became quite clear that the majority of parents are very uncomfortable with the idea of spanking, but sometimes don't know what to do instead. We at gentleparents.com know that there are many fantastic and effective alternatives to corporal discipline. We would like our readers to share their discipline tips and their inspiration with each other.

We want to know:

What alternative discipline methods (to spanking) do you use at home? Why do you feel they work for you? E-mail us your response and it may be in our next issue!