Spring 2001

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Baby wearing frustrations!

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Help! How do I wear a sling in the winter, while carrying bags/packages and wearing it over/under a coat? What should baby wear to be warm enough while outdoors, but not too warm once inside? What about transferring a fussy baby from car seat to sling and back again over and over during errands w/o waking him up???

I have always worn a smaller baby in the sling under my coat in the winter or rain to keep them warm and protected from the weather. Of course, you make sure that their face is near the opening of the coat so that they get enough fresh air. You wouldn't want to smother them by doing the coat up all the way.

With my 15 mos old, I carry him in the sling over my coat. I use the loose end of the sling to cover his face from the wind and cold.

Carrying packages is not too much of a problem as I then have two hands free. In fact, it is much easier to shop with the baby in a sling as I don't have to try and weild a clumsy stroller through aisles that are too narrow. The baby is also content and is usually lulled to sleep by being close and hearing my heart beat and the feeling of constant motion as I walk.

I always dress them in the usual snowsuits, bunting bags, etc. Whatever the weather dictates. If I am at a mall, I find a locker and toss the winter gear in there while we shop, or else I take off hats and scarves, shove them in my pocket and undo the snowsuit, and take their arms out of the sleeves so that they don't get too hot.

I don't worry too much about a small baby waking up to put them in a sling as I have found that they are usually soothed by the motion of my walking and the close contact very quickly. I have found with my babies, that they very much want to be in my arms and are happiest there so there is less fussing.

As for putting them back in the seat without waking them up, the technique is very easy. Lean over the carseat with one arm cradling the baby, with your other hand loosen the rings of the sling. Set the babydown gently in the carseat, sling and all. Slide out of the sling and do up the carseat with the sling still around the baby. It's very easy to do. To pick them back up again, you just slide yourself back through the sling, hold the baby in your arms in the position you wish to carry her and adjust the rings to hold her there snugly. To get back in is a little bit trickier, but can often be done without waking up the baby. If you wake up the baby, they are usually soothed back to sleep when you start walking. Moving around is the key...babies seem to love it.

Hope this helps you out. It's easier to show someone how to do it, than explain, but I hope you get the gist of it.

Kimberly (mama to 3 little ones...all slinged while babies :) )

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